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Who Likes Mice?

August 29, 2013

We has another fun one the other day. After getting the kitchen cabinets installed it was time to put the stove in place. The stove had been sitting outside under cover for a couple of months as it had been shipped up with the windows. We uncrated the stove outside and noticed a bunch of mouse crap all around the cardboard but no mice. We then muscled the stove along the deck and into the kitchen and, no sooner had we put the stove in place, out runs a mouse! Dana freaks out and the mouse runs out the door. No other signs were noticed but we put out a mouse trap just in case. That was a couple of weeks ago. I noticed today that the peanut butter in the trap was gone and the trap was still set. This got my alarm bells ringing so I started looking around and rebaiting the trap. No sooner had I gone to the fridge to reload the peanut butter and, when I looked up, there was a mouse on the top of the fridge about 6″ from my face looking me right in the eye! It turned out not to be such a good playmate for Ranger as he decided to play a little too rough with him.

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