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Peel and Stick

May 3, 2013

No, it’s not a stage act but a membrane that’s used as an underlay to the actual roofing material. Jose and his gang from LCR Roofing came up today to get that job done which is a good thing as it effectively waterproofs both cabins. Stef and I were focusing on interior walls but things were a bit chaotic as there were a few trips back and forth to Bowen for people and materials. Also did a lumber run and ended up spending a couple of hours towing a fellow island member back home after his boat suffered a mechanical. Needless to say, progress on the cabin didn’t go too far after that.


  1. Philip says:

    Bummer…should have known you were doing roof and watched as I have leaks on mine and it pools at the skylites and drips into the house.I think its eroded rubber seals on the bolts holding on the corugated roof and the water is getting in under it pooling under the roof.

    What do you think, Master Builder?


    Disrotted cottage owner

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