Ode to Ranger

July 16, 2014

It’s been a good run. Born April 4 2002 and taken into our care June 2, Ranger was a large part of our lives through the formative family years. Unfortunately, that run ended last Friday night (July 12) when he died in his sleep in his kennel at the cabin. He will be missed by all of us at our own times for our own reasons. Ranger loved to go running, swimming, hunting and kayaking but mostly enjoyed lounging in the heat – whether lying in the sunshine or by a fire. Always a high energy individual, Ranger slowed down a fair bit this past year but none of us thought he wouldn’t make it through the summer. I am surprised at just how much I miss my “buddy” – we spent a fair bit of time alone together at the cabin and he was always there with an interest in hanging out near wherever I was. My greatest fear with Ranger’s death is that I didn’t love him enough for what he gave back – considering his relentless loyalty and low maintenance personality (life lesson?). He was a great family dog and will be missed by all. May his water and food bowls remain full wherever he goes. Love you buddy…


  1. Dave says:

    Very nice words, Jamieson. Couldn’t help but think those qualities you describe would be admirable in Ranger’s two-legged friends too… A good example. And don’t worry… you were a great buddy to Ranger.

  2. BrianFup says:

    I love this website – its so usefull and helpfull.

  3. JamesGuept says:

    I delight in the content on your web sites. Cheers!

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